Top Breeds of Medium-Sized Dogs Around the World

One of the smartest dogs around, this breed is also one of the easiest to train. His calm demeanor belies the fact that he was also developed to hunt and retrieve waterfowl. With children and other animals, this stunning creature is devoted and friendly. Poodle stands 27 inches tall and weighs approximately 60 pounds.

Wheaten Terrier with a Soft Coat
This intelligent dog breed has an eager-to-please disposition despite his funny, lively character, which makes him easier to train than most other terriers. Despite having a slightly crazy appearance, his extremely soft and curly coat does not shed much, making him the perfect pet for those who suffer from allergies. He is no taller than 20 inches and weighs no more than 45 pounds.

Standard Schnauzer
Like the Wheaten and Poodle, he is a low-shedder and has the same intelligence, good looks, and devotion to his family as other unusual dogs. This sweet little dog is a member of a working breed used for tracking, retrieving, and herding on both land and water. Given that he weighs only about 45 pounds and is 20 inches tall, it makes sense that the Standard Schnauzer has maintained his physique throughout the years.

Although this quick dog can run at up to 35 mph, he excels at simple tasks like chasing balls, catching Frisbees, or even serving as a therapy dog breed. Whippet is a sociable, affectionate dog who enjoys cuddling up on the couch with his best pal. His height is 22 inches and he weighs about 40 pounds.

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