Top Breeds of Medium-Sized Dogs Around the World

This cheerful little breed, one of the most laid-back dog breeds available, is always happy to offer his opinions on the world and is well-known for having a fairly powerful bark and bay. With charming, captivating brown eyes, the breed is an excellent family dog. He is normally under 25 pounds and up to 15 inches tall for such a noisy dog.

Portuguese Water Dog
This active dog breed, which is a medium size, rose to fame a few years ago when he was named the official First Dog of the White House. The breed is water-loving, and it was even developed to keep sailors company at sea. Portuguese water dogs weigh about 60 pounds and stand 23 inches tall, which puts them on the larger side of “medium.”

Spaniel Cocker
This adorable little sweetheart is a wonderful companion dog, with big soulful eyes. He was first bred for hunting, specifically to flush out birds, like most dogs are. These days, the loving Cocker Spaniel dog breed fits in with every family. He is under 30 pounds in weight and stands roughly 15 inches tall.

One of the visually energetic medium-sized dogs is this robust little beauty with a recognizable under-bite. Despite his intensity, he is a very devoted companion breed who enjoys nothing more than staying by your side on the couch. Bulldogs can weigh up to 45 pounds and stand 15 inches tall.

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