Top Breeds of Medium-Sized Dogs Around the World

Size does matter when deciding on a dog breed. Wait and read the following information to get a better idea if you’re looking for a dog that is neither large nor small. Even though you can have a dog of any size, many would-be dog owners compare dogs to porridges that are “just right,” “too cold,” and “too hot” in the story of Goldilocks. Size does matter when attempting to choose the best dog for you, and choosing a dog that is neither large nor small is perfectly acceptable if you want to go with the “somewhere in between” strategy. Several great canines are the perfect size for the job! The top medium-sized dog breeds that can undoubtedly make a significant difference in your life are listed below.

Border Collie
This highly bright dog is one of the world’s most athletic and quick breeds. He is excellent with kids, makes a fantastic running boy, and is reputed to keep the cat in line thanks to his herding skills. He weighs no more than 45 pounds and stands up to 22 inches at the shoulder.

English Springer Spaniel
Medium-sized dog breeds are known to contain amazing things, and this incredibly amiable canine is no exception. The English Springer Spaniel is frequently used for game bird shooting. He is obedient, willing, nimble, and quick to pick things up. This breed is a fantastic companion dog and gets along well with kids He weighs about 50 pounds and is up to 19 inches tall when dripping wet.

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