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Shelter dogs and goats develop an odd close connection and find housing together.

Animal friendships are usually adorable, and friendships between two distinct species are especially endearing. Some relationships are just so tight that they can overcome any disagreements.

The same thing happened to Cinnamon the goat and Felix the dog, two best friends who were so close that their shelter was unable to separate them. As a result, they looked for a home where they could live together.

Cinnamon and Felix entered the Wake County Animal Shelter on March 13 when their owner could no longer care for them, according to a press release from the Wake County government in North Carolina.

As soon as they entered the shelter, it was clear that the unusual duo wouldn’t be split up. Except for meals, they have even slept together and have been kept together continually, making them great friends and truly connected.
Even though Felix and Cinnamon are both very social creatures, the staff insisted that they had never seen a friendship between dogs and goats of this scale.
The combination was unique, according to Dr. Jennifer Federico, director of the Wake County Animal Shelter, who spoke to WTVD. Since dogs typically attack goats, this group is very unusual.
It proves that goals may be reached and that people are not prejudiced.

Due to their proximity, it was obvious that Cinnamon and Felix were a bonded pair and would need to find a new home that could accommodate them both. The shelter was determined to keep these buddies together despite the extremely odd circumstances.

Whatever the cause of their connecting, Dr. Federico told that keeping the two together would be beneficial for their health.

Fortunately, they were able to find a way to keep Felix and Cinnamon together: in a statement this afternoon, Wake County Animal Shelter stated that a rescue had stepped up to take in the dog and goat as a pair!

We are overjoyed to learn that Cinnamon and Felix won’t have to part ways after being rescued together because it is obvious that they are the best of friends.

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