Never Be Left Within the Dark: Lithium Batteries Give Backup Power Whenever you Require It Most

Blackouts can happen anytime. When it is a natural disaster, like a storm, a tree limb falling onto a cable or a creature coming in contact with gear, a power outage is not suitable. Possessing the right backup power during outages will be able to help you stress less and provide your loved ones the energy required for your devices that are essential.

You might be asking yourself, what’s the ideal backup energy solution?

For years, lead acid batteries are the most frequently embraced batteries for renewable energy programs. But a change is happening as more users find the benefits of Molicel 18650 batteries (LiFePO4). They are currently widely utilized to power houses and are gaining popularity as home back up because of their many benefits.

What Makes LiFePO4 an Ideal Solution for Backup Power?

1 shortfall of solar energy systems generally is they aren’t able to completely control your batteries without sufficient sunlight. If it happens , it will significantly and permanently reduce the energy out of the lead-acid battery charge and it is going to dramatically shorten its lifetime. However, the technology supporting lithium iron phosphate battery has addressed this dilemma. LiFePO4 batteries may function in an extended state of charge with no harm to the battery life or existence.

LiFePO4 batteries also provide energy. Lead acid batteries are generally over-sized up to 2 times your energy should account for protracted periods without sunlight and not as usable energy with greater rates of release. Additionally, you’re usually cautioned to restrict your usage to 50 percent of their rated capacity, as utilizing more will considerably reduce life. Lithium batteries provide 100 percent of the rated capacity, irrespective of the speed of release.

Molicel 18650

And there is more! The main advantage of using LiFePO4 to the solar or back up system, would be the entire number of bicycles they supply. LiFePO4 batteries are intended to supply about 7,000 to 8,000 cycles, even in an 80% depth of discharge every cycle. That’s more than twenty decades of usage if they’re deeply cycled each and every moment!

When To Use A Backup Power Source

Lithium battery storage methods are extremely helpful during electricity outages. Whenever your power goes out, LiFePO4 technologies offers you backup capability to operate your appliances and lights. You have absolute control over when to utilize your electricity.

Using a backup energy supply also enables you to fight high energy prices during peak demand hours. Therefore, you’re ready to store solar energy when energy prices are cheap and use your billed lithium solar batteries when electricity prices soar.

Using a backup energy supply is a little cost to pay for the reassurance you have understanding that life proceeds in your house during an outage. LiFePO4 batteries are an superb option for backup energy. They provide highly-efficient, ultra-long lifetime and continuous power you can rely on in the most extreme conditions.

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