Is Painting and Decorating The Business For You?

Initially when i first started up my own Painting and Decorating business I couldn’t have any customers, I started to get myself regarded by printing my own flyers and posting them all over town. Starting up your own business could be the biggest step of your doing the job life. O. K. so you are a painter and designer and you want to be your own boss, find jobs and complete to the professional standard and then get paid when you finish the work.

Specifically the best way to start to find the jobs? Well I started by using posting out some flyers for Painting and Enhancing and a few people would reply, now if you have a computer including a printer that’s all you need to get started. Have a look online to find out just what exactly flyers look good and then read there sales copy and pay attention to if you can improve on it to get a sale and then print in place say 250 flyers to get you started.

Now you need to choose best places post the flyers, I would choose a fairly well to undertake area, say middle class where the owners have a good job and would pay a local decorator to decorate their home. Crease the flyers nicely and post all 250 for starters, make a note of the roads you have posted to so you find out where you are with your target postings.

Repeat this procedure until you have some decorating jobs and you can give a customer a decorating estimate, you will get results from this but you will have to try different flyers and see what works best.

You need to get yourself a good website, just have a look at a few websites and see if you can write yours any benefit. It’s not that expensive, you can make your own website with “WordPress” which is free and host it with a popular identity, there are lot’s out there. And when your customers look at your flyers they can also look online and see pictures of some of the Painting like a professional and Decorating jobs that you have done, it gives them bit more confidence in trusting you. Now when you get a phone call after handing out your flyers you need to know how you are going finish and sell your services to your new customers.

Be friendly and also helpful and polite, make an appointment that will suite your shopper and make sure you look smart when you go to your appointment, take a coloration chart and a note pad and pen and your video camera, have a good look at the condition of the surfaces that need to be emblazoned. Work out what you will need to do to get a good job done and how a great deal materials you will need. I have found that this is a very good way to get clients but you must persist and keep going until you succeed, be similar to a good Painter and Decorator and do a good job and do not over charge customers and then they will recommend you to their whole friends. Remember that you are a local Painter and Decorator along with customers need to find a decorator so that they can get a decorating offer that they are happy with.