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Development platforms of stores online.
Development platforms of stores online.


What platform is better to develop a store online?

At the time of starting up a sale business online, 1º that you must find out is the platform eCommerce or CMS that better is adapted to your needs. Following the type of store online that you have thought, number of categories and products, languages, multituienda, methods of payment, extra control of stock, functionalities, etc€¦, it can better agree to develop a Prestashop, Magento, WooCommerce to you€¦ Acontinuaci³n we showed to the pros and the cons to you of some of these systems. We hope that they can serve you as guide.



· It is the development platform of stores online more used in Spain for peque©os and medium projects.

· It owns a very simple panel of administration. Prestashop is very easy to learn and to manage.

· It does not require a dedicated servant, it can mount and work in servers perfectly shared.

· They are possible to be implemented multitude of pluggins and very useful modules, in addition to being able to integrate ERPs and allowing multiple languages.

· The Prestashop platform offers many and diverse groups, as much gratuitous as of payment, design responsive and very professional.

· The prices are rather more reasonable and feasible than, for example, those of a Magento store.

· the stores online Prestashop are optimized to the maximum and favor the positioning SEO.

The Contras

· In spite of the enormous amount of pluggins or existing modules in Prestashop, and being the majority gratuitous, the best ones, those than they have the most useful functionalities, they are of payment.

· There are certain translations that are not correct and is recommendable to update them.

· It is not the best CMS for stores online with very ample catalogues and excessive products, since she can not work properly. In addition he is not burglaryable.

· This platform for multistores is not recommendable either.

· The Product Card fields are very basic. If it is required something more advanced is necessary to add extra programming.

· It can have TPVs that does not work correctly, requiring the attendance or services of a specialized programmer to be able to integrate it without errors.



· It is a quite robust, ideal system to develop simple stores online, with small catalogues.

· It is a system in the cloud, reason why it is not needed to engage a servant.

· You will create your store in very just a short time, of very simple form.

· Shopify owns very attractive and professional groups.

The Contras

· As other products and tools in the cloud, the code cannot be unloaded nor be modified. In order to realise changes concerning code it is necessary to ask for it to Shopify directly. Those modifications are of payment.

· The majority of functionalities and pluggins of extension and improvement of the groups is of payment, since also Shopify develops them. Very few are gratuitous. In addition he is not burglaryable and by all means he is not apt for multistore.

· The weakest point of this platform is the SEO. Safe for the USA (that is where are their servers), these optimized stores online are not nothing for a correct positioning in the finders. You will have to decide on Adwords or another system to position it.

· It is not recommended for multilanguage.



· Woocommerce is indicated for small stores online.

· It does not require a dedicated servant, is enough with a shared servant.

· It has a very simple panel of administration. Adem&aaacute; s exists much documentation and tutorial to learn to handle it.

· Responsive, gratuitous as of payment owns many groups, very aesthetic and as much functional.

· The same can be implemented pluggins that in Wordpress, including the one of €œYoast SEO€, that is of the best thing at the moment for the positioning of stores online.

· He is one of the economic systems of the market for the development of stores online.

The Contras

· It is not an own system of commerce online, but pluggin or module based on WordPress is programmed to allow the sale online using this powerful manager of contents. He is not burglaryable nor he is recommendable either for multistore.

· The update of plugins can get to cause that it stops working the store. It is a hardly modifiable programming.

· Woocommerce is a very weak, uncertain and vulnerable system against the hackers, abounding too much its attacks to sites under this platform.

· It is not recommended for multilanguage.

· Too many functionalities of payment that in other systems come from series. Reason why if you wish to add enough functionalities, better it chooses on the other platform, since otherwise it can leave to you quite expensive.



· Magento constitutes the best solution, without a doubt, for great projects and multistores. It offers a great robustness, stability, reliability and, mainly, a great security.

· It allows to multilanguage and multicurrency perfectly, working with almost all type of forms of payment. In addition it allows his integration with ERPs.

· It owns very many groups responsive, many of gratuitous them, great aesthetic quality and.

· They can implement great amount of pluggins very useful, although by Magento defect already it comes very complete and hardly you will want to include more things.

· Product cards can be prepared complet­simas without touching the code.

· Magento is a system totally optimized and ideal for the positioning SEO.

The Contras

· Magento is the most expensive system. In addition it requires a dedicated servant or VPS with the necessary characteristics, with the extra cost that this entails. Also its maintenance is more expensive. For this reason, if you are thinking about mounting your small store to begin in the commerce online, Magento is not your better option.

· Sometimes the translations are not correct and is necessary to correct them.

· Its development it cannot do anyone. The hiring of expert programmers in this platform for its installation as for its management and maintenance is recommended as much.



· Drupal is especially indicated for stores online medians, pequ±as nor neither very very great.

· It does not require dedicated servant, being able to install perfectly in one shared.

· He is very personalizable, is possible to be modified the code without problems. In addition his panel to administration is very simple.

· It is a very professional system and of prestige.

The Contras

· Drupal requires the implementation of enough pluggins that do not come from series, which can be a true odyssey, since some modules require of others pluggins so that they work correctly.

· This store weighs much, which influences negatively in the speed of load and can get to be a great problem.

· Its development it cannot do anyone. The hiring of expert programmers in this platform for its installation as for its management and maintenance is recommended as much.

· One is a system that takes much in developing and is quite expensive.



· Xopie is a solution in the cloud, reason why you save the servant, with a cost that goes up to around 20‚¬/mes.

· Its installation is very easy as much as its management. Therefore ideal to begin with a simple store online.

The Contras

· He is not personalizable. All the modifications that you wish to realise, do them to you from Xopie, paying, clearly.

· By all means he is not recommendable absolutely for great stores nor multilies down.



· Strato is one of the best solutions of ecommerce in the cloud in Spain. And very cheap, going up to around 6‚¬/mes.

· Easy to install and to manage, and ideal to begin with a simple store online.

The Contras

· He is not personalizable. All the modifications that you wish to realise them must carry out from Strato, and are all of payment.

· By all means he is recommendable absolutely for stores with great catalogues neither for multistore, nor is burglaryable.



· Opencart is a platform of opened code, very simple to install and to manage, especially indicated for stores small and medians. Very little weight and can be installed in a shared servant.

· It offers a great variety of pluggins with funcionalides very useful to personalize the store. One of the most used is the one of Opinions, that favor the confidence of the user and the experience of purchase.

· It allows enough forms of payment.

The Contras

· Many groups of Opencart do not exist, and those that there are very difficult to modify. If queires to personalize it, you will have to contract an expert.

· One of the weakest points of this system is its management of taxes of the different countries, as the IVA, which can generate many problems.

· It is not recommended for Multilengua, since their translations are horrible.

· It is not a very good platform as far as security and vulnerability against attacks of hackers.

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