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Safe webpages with Certificate SSL.
Safe webpages with Certificate SSL.


The emergent importance SEO of Certificates SSL

Certificates SSL grant a well-known security to the website that owns it. The user can be felt more insurance when he sails by a Web with https://... Thanks to its protocol of encryption the information that can interchange a user and the websites will be based with a guaranteed security.

At present Certificates SSL have become a vitally important element for the positioning SEO of the present Web sites. Evidently they contribute to security and confidence to the internauts, and can help to improve the sales in stores online, but most important for the proprietors of all webpage it is that from already Google it has predicted to penalize the positioning of the webpages that do not use these certificates, and therefore will favor to the websites that yes use them.

Nowadays the protocols of security SSL are indispensable Web, from stores anywhere online, where they are of extreme importance since banking data and payments with card move, until simple webpages or landing pages, mainly if have form where information to the user is asked for.

The great majority of the webpages does not have security certificate, thus Google does not consider them safe and already it begins them to mark as so, something that without a doubt will repel in the number of visits of these websites. In the long run these pages will be losing the positioning that as much time and work has cost to obtain.

Also, navigator Chrome, and also Firefox, Edge and Safari, in their up-to-date versions more, already marks the URL emphasized as nonsafe if the website does not have a valid certificate SSL and the pages that compose it not are updated and correctly redirected to their version https.

There are several certificate types SSL, as much for one as for multiple domains. Also there are them of diverse prices, based on the type of security who is desired to grant to the domain, Web, mail, etc€¦

If he wishes more information about how he can contract and install a certifiado SSL for his Web, he contacts with us. In Oreillysirish we are specialized in the certificate installation SSL.

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