Basic information on Protection of Data

Protection of Data

Person in charge of the treatment

Miguel Angel Casado Rodr­guez (in future, MACRO DESIGN WEB).

Head office: C Numancia, 4 Portal 5, 1B (CP: 45510) (Fuensalida, Toledo).

NIF: 08946422C.

Telephone: 616551378.



Hiring, invoicing, commercial management and shipment of budgets.


Legal obligation, contractual relation and consent


Data to third parties will not be yielded except for legal obligation. It will not be come to international transference of data.


To accede, to rectify and to suppress the data, as well as other rights, as it is explained in the additional information.

Origin of the data

Of the interested ones.

Additional information

It can consult the additional information and detailed envelope how we dealed with his data in the Policy Privacy.


MACRO DESIGN WEB guarantees the protection to him of all the personal character data that provide the User in the Website and, in accordance with the arranged thing in Statutory law 15/1999, of 13 of December of Protection of Personal Character data, in RD 1720/2007 of 21 of December.

All the personal character data facilitated to MACRO DESIGN WEB will be dealed with by this one in agreement with Statutory law 15/1999 of about December of Protection of 13 Personal Character data and RD 1720/2007 of 21 December.

MACRO DESIGN WEB respects the effective legislation in the matter of protection of personal data, the privacy of the users and the secret and security of the personal data, in accordance with the established thing in the applicable legislation in the matter of protection of data, in particular, Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 of April of 2016, adopting for it the technical and organizational measures necessary to avoid the loss, evil use, alteration, nonauthorized access and robbery of the facilitated personal data.

I. - Who is the Person in charge of the treatment of its data?

The present policy of privacy (in future, the €œPolicy of Privacy€) applies to all the personal character data that the usuary contribution to MACRO DESIGN WEB, that is the titular organization of this website (in future the €œWebsite€), with the head office and NIF described in the section €œfirst Responsible for the treatment€, and whose main activity is the design Web.

For the purposes of the present Policy of Privacy, it must be understood as €œUser€ to all natural person interested in products and services that MACRO DESIGN WEB offers through its Website.

MACRO DESIGN WEB will solicit, with previous character to the contribution of its personal character data, the express consent of the User to the present Policy of Privacy, when thus it is necessary and to any other aspect that requires the previous authorization of the same.

The User will be able to put in touch with us through e-mail indicated in the section €œfirst Responsible for the treatment€ before any doubt or necessity that he will have in the matter of protection of data.

II. - With what purpose we dealt his personal data?

One hereby inquires to the User into which MACRO DESIGN WEB will treat the personal character data for the purposes that are indicated next, insofar as a legal base for each treatment exists according to is explained more ahead:

(a) To guarantee to the User the access, and use of the Website as well as for the management, study and resolution of consultations.

(b), where appropriate, To facilitate the relation of the User with MACRO DESIGN WEB and the hiring of a service.

(c) To inform to the User by any means in the email address who the User if so facilitates to MACRO DESIGN documentation WEB about the company, his activities, products and services, as well as documentation of diverse nature.

(d) To operate legal obligations with different Administrations and Institutes public.

Unless the opposite indicates itself specifically, it is obligatory to provide all the Personal Data that they are solicitd without which is not possible that information of the activity and services of MACRO can be offered DESIGN WEB.

The data are successfully obtained in order to make possible the information of products and services of MACRO DESIGN WEB. If the User has given express consent for it, the data could also be used to send to him to commercial information on supplies and discounts of MACRO DESIGN WEB.

III. - Which is the legitimation for the treatment of its personal data?

The legal base for the treatment of the data for the purposes a) and (b) is the necessity for the execution of a contract in which the interested one is part or for the application at the request of this of precontractual measures, in the (c) it is the consent that asks for to the User in the corresponding form and the d) legal Obligation.

In case the data are necessary to respond to a consultation or to manage the hiring of a product and service if they are not gotten up of way completes those that is required notices that perhaps this of satisfactory way cannot be realised.

MACRO DESIGN WEB, when providing its personal data, will gather and treat the essential ones for the acceded purposes.

In no case MACRO DESIGN WEB it will yield or operate these data or it will destine them to a use different from indicated here specifically.

The User will be able to provide additional information that voluntarily he allows to personalize the service. The decision to provide this information is exclusively of the own User and will have to give its express consent for its use, being able to revoke at any time this.

IV. - Inasmuch as time we conserved its personal data?

MACRO DESIGN WEB will conserve the data of the Users during the contractual relation with the user and, in any case, during a maximum period of two years as of the last time that Usuary has interacted with MACRO DESIGN WEB or until the Usuary one revokes the consent, notwithstanding the conservation that was necessary for the formulation, the exercise or the defense of potential claims and/or whenever it allowed it the applicable legislation during the terms of prescription of the actions legal, and/or established in the effective norm of application after the conclusion of the contractual relation. Once finalized the mentioned term, the Company is committed to stop the treatment of all data.

V. - Security and personal data integrity. Who has access to its personal data?

MACRO DESIGN WEB preserves the protection and the integrity of the data of its interested clients and. This Policy persecutes the adoption of action destined to preserve the four basic components of the security applied to the information:

ˆ’ Confidentiality: The access to the data and our systems is allowed only those people properly authorized following the €œprinciple of use necessity€.

ˆ’ Integrity: The exactitude of the information and the systems against any type of alteration, loss is preserved or destruction, or of accidental or fraudulent form.

ˆ’ Availability: The necessary mechanisms settle down so that the information and the systems can be used in the required form and time.

ˆ’ Auditabilidad: It is facilitated that any action or transaction can univocally be related assuring the key fulfillment of established controls in the corresponding norms.

In addition to the previous thing, the User understands that MACRO DESIGN WEB will be able to realise cessions or personal data communications to take care of its obligations with the Public Administrations in the cases that therefore, where appropriate, require in agreement with the effective legislation at every moment and also to other organs as Forces and Bodies of Security of the State and to the Judicial Organs.

The security of its data for us is very important. We have designed a continuity plan to diminish the impact that could have in our clients any contingency that can affect to the benefit of the services.

We will make use of the appropriate resources to investigate the security breaches that put in danger the privacy of our interested clients and, assuring to us that the corrective measures are implanted pertinent.

We will inform to our clients of those excellent cases in which the loss, illegal use or revelation of the information have been brought about by a violation in the security of the systems and networks of the company or derived from a decision or technical action intern. In these cases, we will inform to our clients on the realised remedial actions and will give the opportune recommendations to help to protect its interests.

I SAW. - Which are the rights of the users?

MACRO DESIGN WEB informs to the Usuary one on the possibility that attends to him free of charge to exercise the rights of access, rectification, opposition, suppression, portability and limitation of the treatment, as well as to reject the automated treatment of the personal data by means of written and signed request directed to the following direction: or in the social direction of MACRO DESIGN WEB indicating its data of contact and the reference: €œProtection of Data. Exercise right LOPD€ that it will have to contain: his full name, photocopies of his national identity document (passport or another valid document that it identifies it), request in which it takes shape the request, direction with the object of notifications, date and signature.

The User must right to be against to the treatment of his data with promotional aims for the reception of commercial communications with the simple notification of his will to MACRO DESIGN WEB. For it, the User will be able to direct his request by means of the procedure described in the previous paragraph. Also, the User will be able to cancel the reception of commercial communications according to the form anticipated in each commercial communication.

In addition to the previous rights, the User will have right to retire the consent granted at any time by means of the procedure arrives more described, without retired happiness of consent affects to the legality of the treatment previous to the retirement of the same. MACRO DESIGN WEB will be able to continue treating the data about the User insofar as the applicable law allows it.

MACRO DESIGN WEB remembers the User whom it has right to make a complaint before the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data.

VII. - Quality of the data

MACRO DESIGN WEB notices the User that, safe in the cases of constituted and legally credited representation, no User can use the identity of another person and communicate his personal data, reason why the User at any moment will have to consider that only can contribute personal data corresponding to its own identity and which they are adapted, pertinent, present, exact and true. To such effects, the User will be the only person in charge against any damage, direct and/or indirect, that causes to third parties or MACRO DESIGN WEB by the use of personal data of another person, or his own personal data when they are false, erroneous, nonpresent, inadequate or nonpertinent.

Also, the User who communicates the personal data of a third party, will respond before this one of the obligation of information for when the personal character data they have not been successfully obtained of the own one interested, and/or of the consequences of to him not to have informed and if so, obtained his consent.

In case the User provides some personal data of third people, he commits himself to inform previously to these people of the intention to communicate his data to MACRO DESIGN WEB and to obtain his previous, express consent in writing and for this data processing and any purposes for which they went away to try, being responsible the User on the contrary.

The User is in principle the only source of intelligence of his personal data, reason why MACRO DESIGN WEB requests to him that, with the purpose of at any moment to maintain its up-to-date data and bring up to date in agreement with the principles of Regulation (the EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council, of 27 of April of 2016, regarding the protection of the natural people with regard to the personal data processing and to the free circulation of these data and by which Directive 95/46/CE is revoked (RGPD), it communicates any variation of the same to the direction Head office: of MACRO DESIGN WEB or to the email: One remembers the User who stops to come to the update of his data is necessary that he credits its identity contributing photocopies of its national identity document or equivalent document.

The categories of data that treat are:

- Identity data
- Mailing dresses or electronic
- Commercial information

The company will not only take automated decisions, profiles or logic applied to its data and informing to him previously and with his consent, it will yield his data to third parties, if it is necessary to reach the purpose of the treatment.

One is not going away to realise international transference of data.

Safety measure VIII-

In the collection and the treatment of the Personal Data the organizational measures of technical nature will be adopted necessary and, to guarantee the security of the Personal Data and to avoid their alteration, loss, treatment or nonauthorized access, taking into account the state of the technology, the nature of the provided data and the risks to that they are exposed, or comes from the human action or physical or natural means.

IX. - Use of cookies

A cookie is a small text file that is stored in its navigator when it visits almost any webpage. Its utility is that the Web is able to remember their visit when returns to sail by that page. The cookies usually store information of technical character, personal preferences, personalisation of contents, statistics of use, connections to social networks, access to user accounts, etc. The objective of the cookie is to adapt the content of the Web to its profile and needs, without cookies the services offered by any page would be decreased remarkably. If it wishes to consult more information exceeds what is the cookies, what stores, how to eliminate them, to deactivate them, etc., we requested goes to him to this connection: Policy of Cookies.

X. - Modification of the Policy of Privacy

MACRO DESIGN WEB will be able to modify its Policy of Privacy in agreement with the applicable legislation at every moment. In any case, we will inform to him into any modification of the Policy of Privacy that has an excellent impact for its privacy, and the protection of its data, and, in case the applicable norm therefore demands it, we will give the possibility him of granting its consent again.

Last Political update of Privacy: 05 of June of 2018.