Our clients think€¦

Orlando Mora     Inisoft

€œWork with Miguel ngel for many years. She is a magnificent professional who has solved us satisfactorily each and every one of the works that we have solicitd to him. €

Francisco Ramos Garcia     Megacal Iberian Instruments, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY.

€œI recommend it totally. Miguel ngel is a great professional who in addition offers an excellent support. The works developed for our company have been impeccable. €

Juan Martinez Cheek     Fonotest, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY.

€œRecently the annual meeting of Instrumentation of Biogas has taken place in England, that reunites to all the countries with enterprise activities in BIOGAS, which we attended next to other companies of the EU, the South Africa, Australia and Turkey.

Among others subjects a comparative study of all the webpages of the attending companies took place to emphasize the attractiveness that our products can represent through Internet. Thus, one to one, all the websites of the there present companies was appearing in screen with went away scoring their design, model-making and programming.

Our Web was number 1, mentioned and put as example of clarity, attractive images of diffusion and product message. To such an extent they liked that some companies of other countries asked for the name to us of our webmaster.

I have then, that to congratulate Miguel Angel Casado, of MACRO DESIGN WEB to have designed and developed a tool to us of work of first, never rather. €œ

Carlos Alberto Colomo     Carelen  ·  Reforms and Promotions

€œI contracted Oreillysirish to make my webpage of reforms. I knew them through a relative with that already I made one first Web, and was satisfied so with the service that I returned to contract to them for this second. The service is very good and I was very happy, took a month in realising the page to me with a design and a taste adapted to some less than first premises that I had indicated to them. Later the maintenance of the Web cannot be better, realising the changes to me right away when to practically ask for them, getting even to work the week ends.

I recommend the services of this company to the 100%, recognizing the professionalism as much of Charo as of Miguel ngel, that offer a friendly and superb treatment. €œ

Susana Garcia     Trusting Your Talent Coaching

€œI take working with Charo and Miguel Angel from 2011 and the maintenance service and the attention that since then I have received cannot better be. Any update of my webpage or any incidence always is taken care of the greater brevity and with total effectiveness, having saved to me time, money and energy. They always are open to listen to my suggestions and they complement them with his. Really, a luxury to have the Web of my business in so good hands. €

Vicente     ASEPADI. Spanish association of Divorced Parents.

€œMacrodis continues to us offering a PS and very efficient. It always gives answer us to our requests, as much technical as of contents, and one goes ahead to our needs. In addition, all this with a really competitive price. €

Ana Maria Doba±o Mourin     ASEGO

€œYour service is WONDERFUL, than more excellent, since in addition you are very amiable and patient with me. Not always we know to pass notes suitably, for that reason it is necessary to trust you, some good professionals. Very we are thankful you. €

Elena Valverde     My Small Attic

€œWe are an establishment with one long trajectory where we have always bet by the progress and the new technologies. And we had luck in being able to count on MACRO DESIGN WEB, since with his advice and professionalism they obtain that day to day we surpass ourselves. They are a small company, of which we like. Implic¡n to the maximum with affability and vocation. Small thanks for your advice and, of course, for your patience. €

Blond Francisco (Collaborating SEO)     Expacio Web

€œSince we knew Charo and to Miguel, of Oreillysirish, we have not been able to stop working with them. Not only they do well his developing work of pages Webs, but the client experience is very satisfactory, as much in the treatment near and the attention that put in your business, as in the technical aspect, with ample knowledge in the business through Internet, and being the vanguard in the programming languages. €