Use a GPS-Fish Finder Combo to Stay Out of Trouble Fishing

Everthing started on a cold January day out of Oregon Inlet, NC. It was 6 AM and we were heading out with the cut to go and do some world class striper fishing. It turned out very cold that morning, and the wind was cutting trough us.

We were fishing with Stretch 30’s off the back of your boat with 4 rods out. Trolling at in relation to 4 knots offshore about 2 . 5 miles. Luckliy, we had a GPS / fish finder combo to support show the way and the fish. The law in North Carolina expresses that you cannot catch stripers off the coast more than 3 mile after mile offshore. The GPS / fish finder combo having chart plotter clearly shows the 3 mile line out sourced, so that we would not go over it. Anyway, we were reef fishing about 2 . 5 miles off when all four the fishing rod in the boat dipped at the same time. There were 4 large stripers on at the same time. It was going to be our day. Well, it turned out a hard fought battle, but we were there for the undertaking. It took about an hour, but we were able to land all four bass.

Thankfully, we had a GPS / fish finder appliance on board the boat with chart plotting capabilities, so we learned exactly where we caught the fish. Soon after we got a final striper onboard, the Coast Guard pulled up right adjacent to us. The problem was that we were so close to the three or more mile line, they had thought we caught the striper over the 3 mile marker. Thanks to the trail this or fish finder combo registered, we were able to suggest to them our exact location of where we were when the fish ended up caught. Not only does the fish finder have great functionality to show where the fish are, but it also clearly shows your personal exact location of where you have been all day long. We call the item a bread crumb trail. So , when the Coast Safeguard got on the boat to check, we were able to show them exactly where we were all day long.

You can get a fish finder combo loaded with the software belonging to the particular area that you enjoy to fish, whether it is the surface Banks, Gulf of Mexico or off the coast of California. The fresh fish finder technology is becoming a necessity for all anglers. Often the best fish finder combo not only finds the fish under your boat, but all around the boat. They also make suggestions to fishing spots and then back to the dock correctly. Once you get at least 5 miles offshore (depending with weather conditions) you cannot see land anymore. This unit will show the exact route that you took to get to where you are.

This can be yet another reason to have the finest fish finder equipment available on board your boat. If we could have not showed often the Coast Guard this information, we would have been fined $300 every fish by the NC Marine Fisheries, and the Captain can have had his license revoked. If you are going to go after that trophy fish, then please invest in a GPS / fish finder combo and it will increase your chances of catching more, avoiding belle and returning back to the dock safely.