Tomahawk, Why Should You Buy One?

Along with the different axe designs available, what qualities does the tomahawk, often shortened to hawk, possess that would make me invest in it? Only an in depth look at the hawk’s attributes can give you a distinct answer as to whether it is right for you.

The tomahawk was developed because of the American Natives, Indians, long before the white man establish foot on American soil. The Indians were hunters/gatherers that traveled long distances to find their food. These needed light weight equipment capable of handling more than one task.

The original tomahawks were made of larger rock chips that were sharp on a side and secured to a wooden handle. The tackle was always straight without an increase in size at the end that can help a secure grip as most European hand axes. Eventually, the Indians learned to knap rock which designed the head much sharper and more useful. These hawks were definitely usually less than two feet in length and weighed 1 to 2 pounds which was ideal for easy packing.

Shortly after arrival, the exact European immigrants realized the american tomahawk company was better worthy life in the wilderness than anything they had used or perhaps brought with them from home. Immediately they adopted the hawk and improved it with their technology. This resulted in tomahawks with either brass or iron heads. These brain could be forged with the tops rounded, squared, hammer challenged or as a pipe. The improvements allowed for even greater diverseness of uses and increased the chopping efficiency. These kinds of tomahawks became one of the top trade items with the many tribes.

The tomahawk from origin till now has continually had a cutting edge of four inches or less. That is significant since the battle axes of the Mediterranean and The eu were made with much bigger and more curved cutting edge. The exact battle axe was designed for the sole purpose of cutting tissue. The hawk was designed with more versatility in mind. Small cutting edge may have decreased the awe factor but didn’t seem to decrease its effectiveness as a weapon. One should keep in mind the battle axe was generally used alone as opposed to the tomahawk was used with knives, bow and hare, spears, gun or some combination of these.

The tomahawk appeared to be virtually unchanged until the 1960s and the Vietnam War. The revolutionary hawk was designed to be used primarily as a close combat spy tools with some capability as a chopper. The heads of these hawks were designed with a spike on the side opposite the really advanced to increase its effectiveness as a weapon. Slight variations with the original have been introduced by different manufacturers. All tomahawks are fearsome weapons as evidenced by our ancestors, but the Vietnam Tomahawk and its offspring raised the bar. All these hawks are still used by some of our military units.

Now, your can buy tomahawks of vastly differing quality and costs ranging from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. Some of the not-so-fast hawks are for display only or made to peddle to the unsuspecting that do not want to spend a lot of money. Cheap price tags and being manufactured in countries such as Pakistan that are recognized for producing poor quality steel items should be avoided unless you need it for display only. Generally, very fancy looking contraptions fall into this category as well.

Many reputable companies such as Frigid Steel, Condor, SOG and others produce excellent quality tomahawks during reasonable prices. Most of these are drop forged and have outstanding metallurgy. They have a very hard and sharp cutting edge for chopping or maybe sticking when thrown at targets. Often the head on the edge is softer to absorb the shock from the attack.

Hand forged hawks are generally made by custom knife plus axe makers. These hawks are top quality but transport a much higher price tag due to the man hours involved. If you do not find out much about the companies or products, get advice for a person that does and you can trust. Remember, buyer beware!

Contemplate carefully your planned end use and the qualities recommended to meet that use when you get ready to buy. Remember, the tomahawk is easy to pack and functions well as a chopper, stake driver, hammer, and is a fearsome close beat weapon that can be thrown. If the qualities mentioned above match your individual list, you should definitely buy the tomahawk designed with you in mind.