The Rise of Live Video and What It Means for Marketers

Lifestyle isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments – Flower Kennedy
Capture and share those moments using are living video. Whether you are cooking your favourite food or traveling to your favourite place, share your experience in real time. Reside video has now become social media’s favourite kid.

As outlined by Mary Meeker’s Internet trends Report of 2016, it viewership is exploding, with Snapchat and Facebook Stay showing the way.

The Golden Age of Online Video

“We’re entering the new golden age of videos online, ” Draw Zuckerberg said while announcing Facebook’s major update for you to its streaming service app to give watch CNN live video far more prominence.

It has inked contracts with over 140 growing media companies and celebs to create videos for its live streaming assistance.

Twitter acquired Magic Pony Technologies to enhance the video and picture quality which shows how important video is for them.

Tumblr recently launched live video by integrating with active live video solutions – YouTube, YouNow, Kanvas as well as Upclose. With the multi-platform support Tumblr aims to score refers to partners like Mashable, Huffington Post etc .

As, a few fourth of the world’s mobile traffic will be video by simply 2020, nobody wants to stay behind in the race just for online video supremacy.

Go Live!

Here is a list of Apps which often let you live stream video:

  • Facebook Live – You can talk about live feed with your friends, interact with them in real time and discover the reactions to know how your broadcast is going.
  • Periscope – The Live streaming app by Twitter will tell your followers when you go live and the broadcast is available meant for replay up to 24 hours.
  • Meerkat – Just press ‘stream’ to broadcast a live video. Other users receive push notifications to view and comment on your live stream. The way to the streams to the Meerkat Library.
  • Stamp – See thousands of entertaining shows, chat with your favorite broadcasters or go real time using special effects and overlays.
  • YouNow – Discover accomplished broadcasters, watch live streams. You can now post live video to Tumblr with YouNow.
  • Livestream – Broadcast HI-DEF videos from mobile or tablet. It supports Get Pro Hero Cameras, so you can broadcast your next sky-diving voyage.
  • UStream – Track your audience, gain insights along with capture leads. Its partners include Panasonic, Samsung, Logitech, CBS News, and Viacom.
  • Tarsii – Lets you streaming coverage video to your Twitter followers and also saves your training video to the cloud for later viewing.

Who’s doing it?

McDonald’s, tested the live video with Facebook Live. Throughout honour of National Hamburger Day, McDonald’s did a hour-long Facebook Live broadcast. The video without any paid endeavours reached 884, 300 people in 40 minutes through were 43, 200 engagements.
Apparel & accessories custom made Kate Spade took to live streaming by airing the modern York Fashion Week runway show on Facebook Are living. It gave fans the front row experience at this season’s fashion show.
Birchbox, the beauty brand took to live online video media to interact with their audience. They took to live steady flow to do a live Q&A and educate their audience with regards to new products. The live stream lasted for 40 minutes utilizing nearly 50, 000 live viewers and an average watch time of 10 minutes.