The Knowles Family History – From Eleuthera to a Key West Florida’s Bed and Breakfast

The exact branch of the Knowles family of Key West emigrated with the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas, where it is contemplated that they engaged in farming and, possibly, fishing. Family lifestyle maintains that the Knowles’ had previously lived in the National colonies in the 18th century, but remained loyal so that you can Britain during the American Revolution and were forced to relocate to the Bahamas, where they received land gives from the British government as compensation for their loyalty towards crown, when their lands in America were confiscated.

Because agricultural economy of the Bahamas declined in the early nineteenth century, many Bahamians sought new opportunities in rest of the Caribbean. Key West was an attractive destination with the island’s lucrative maritime trade, fishing and sponging together with growing cigar manufacturing industry. This promise of a significantly better way of life persuaded some members the Knowles family in order to leave Rock Sound on Eleuthera and move to Important West where they knew they could comfortably fit into the particular established community of other transplanted Bahamians living in Essential West at the time. The early Knowles’ worked in fishing, sponging and the cigar industry. By the later nineteenth century, Donald Knowles and his family were residing at Knowles Dwelling. David appears to have been primarily a sponge fisherman and his dwelling looked out across the open water that lapped because of the opposite side of Eaton Street. In the later 1880’s, the shallows across the road were filled and the offer row of Victorian houses were built in the nineties, depriving the Knowles family of its water view. Brian and his wife Rosa raised their seven children around Knowles House. In 1909 David died leaving his particular widow alone to raise their younger their children in the loved ones homestead.

For many years Rosa lived here with her youngest boy or girl, Benjamin Rupert Knowles, who had been born in the house in 1896. Known as Rupert, this son engaged in a wholesale internet business dealing in tropical fruit. In 1928 he met and married a young Swiss girl, Rosalie Weisser, known as Nancy. She was working as a nanny for a wealthy Las vegas family at the time they met at the Casa Marina Accommodation in Key West. After their marriage, they went on living at Knowles House, looking after Rupert’s aging mum, until her death in 1929. Rupert and Nancy had 3 children, Gene, Elizabeth Rose and Joan, all of whom were born in the house. During the Great Depression, Rupert’s tropical fruit business failed and the family experienced rough times as economic conditions in Key West worsened. Simply just when things looked bleakest, Rupert won the equivalent of $9,95, 000 in the Cuban National Lottery in 1935.

The following economic boon enabled him to start a restaurant for Caroline Street near the bustling seaport. He also utilised some of the money to enlarge the family homestead, which have seen little change since its construction. The result transformed Knowles House to its present appearance and provided all-important space for his children. Although 1935 brought luck to Rupert’s family, it also brought calamity to the California Keys in the form of the disastrous Labor Day Hurricane with 1935. Although thousands of people died in the middle and upper important factors, Key West was spared the worst of the tempest, only experiencing torrential rains. Unfortunately, the storm coincided with the renovation of Knowles House at a time when the roof covering had been torn off to add the second story. The children try to remember their mother Nancy sweeping the rain water out the door as it cascaded like a water fall down the stairs. In spite of the following setback, the remodeling of the house was successfully completed and the household enjoyed many happy years in the old homestead.bus from key west to miami Tours Guides say when you think of the planning a trip to Miami, you should not miss out on the Bus Miami Everglades National Park

Like Rupert and Nancy’s children grew up and married, ladies left Key West, settling in other parts of the united states. Rupert died in 1961. Nancy Knowles lived on during the family house alone until her death in 1983. After their mother’s death, the children sold the house away from the family. After several intervening owners, each of whom designed improvements to the property, the present owners, Les Vollmert as well as Paul Masse bought it in December of 1996. After additionally improvements and enlargements, they have continued to operate it as typically the Knowles House Bed and Breakfast Inn located in Key West Lakewood ranch.