The Best Dab Rigs of 2019


The intake of dry-herbs is evolving fast and it feels like every other daytime, there’s a new device, tool or technique that makes a way through the woodwork. One day it’s simply grinding, in business and smoking but now, its titanium nails, water conduits, e-nails and concentrates and oils and, woah, a fresh rapid evolution and hard to keep up with. The diversity of your dry-herb community is what makes it such a fun and unique element to a part of.

Along with the growing community, comes growing attractiveness in a specific technique. Dabs rigs are the newest popularity in the herb community, particularly amongst young people. Dabs rigs are water pipes that allow users to smoke a cigarette oils, concentrates and extracts with ease.

What Is Dabbing?

The using a dab rig is called dabbing. By definition your Dab Rigs Under $100, sometimes referred to as an oil rig, is usually a device used to consume rosin, shatter, oils or centers. A dab rig is design engineered to not exclusively look good, but to give you the best smoking experience possible. Your dab rig is generally made out of glass. It resembles a standard bong.

A dab rig is made to incorporate a two-step approach in which you first use a torch to heat up the claw (a surface area) before “dabbing” concentrated extracts with the herbs onto the nail surface. Once the concentrates can be found in place on the nail, you then inhale the vapor in the mouthpiece of the dab rig.

Dabbing is a fun, simple new way to enjoy concentrates; and it will certainly give you a person hell of a high. But , you can’t experience any of these factors without the important piece of equipment – a dab rig. Dont fret because we have got you covered! Here is the prime 3 best dab rigs of 2018 which you can have exclusively here at EveryoneDoesIT.

3 best dab rigs with 2018

The Spaceship Puck Rig by Snoop DogSnoop Dog Dab Rig

The Spaceship Puck Rig by way of Snoop Dog is one of the snazziest rigs to hit the market. Status at 6”, its small but strong and looking forward to a concentrate connoisseur or new dabber alike to allow it a whirl. Crafted by the master himself, Spy Dogg with the user in mind. A smaller piece means a smaller amount water, which means no splash back, but it also means even more smoke per hit. Cleaning is minimal too, heavily weighed to consider when purchasing a bong.