Metal Detector Hunter – My Story

Metal detecting what a great hobby. Years ago early 70’s I became in a barber shop waiting to get a hair cut and they had some treasure magazines on the table. As I was looking Over the pages it showed all these guys with their metal sensors showing off all the gold bullion, coins, and other artifacts they had observed. Well that’s all it took I was hooked. After my very own hair cut I ran over to the local book store and bought every magazine on treasure hunting and metal detectors I could find.

After I got home I read front to back all the magazines twice. My wife came over to see things i was doing, she gave me one of those looks and went away, what does she know. OK Now what type of metallic detector to buy? As I look through these The Metal Search magazines there was allot to choose from. So many different styles of metal detectors, some cheap some go take out a second mortgage.

Anyway My partner and i go the cheap metal detector route. After all how hard could this be, wait for a beep and dig up a few treasure. Off I go to my local Wal-Mart having dollar signs in my eyes and dreams of being in one of those mags. OK got my new metal detector for only forty five bucks and head back home. Take it out of the box set out to read the instructions here comes the wife again, the woman takes a look shakes her head and walks at a distance, go put on some make-up you scare me.

Immediately after reading the instructions and setting up my metal detector with the one knob it had I was ready to find several treasure. We lived in a fairly older home so I imagined there might be some good stuff buried in the lawn. After in relation to four hours of swinging this thing and experiencing every type of beep imaginable I though my house was build on a landfill. My metal detector finds included beers, nails, aluminum foil, and rusted out iron. How this be not one red cent.

Now my neighbors see’s me and comes over to see what I had been doing since my yard looks like it had been bombed because of the holes in it. I show him my metal detector (which he didn’t even know they existed) as well as asks what I was doing. I explain the best I could truthfully about metal detecting and he seemed impressed. So he / she reads the instructions and off we go For a different hour. Same results, junk. OK fine I indicate my neighbor the magazines I had bought and normally takes them home. Look at my poor yard, clean up all my metal detector findings go in and have a beer and try to figure out what went wrong.

A few hours later my friend comes back over all glassy eyed and pumped up and also blabbering about metal detectors. Boy is he simply hooked. He starts to tell me he just read every one of the magazines and the metal detector I just bought was worthless trash. That made me feel real good. Anyway he states that lets go into a partnership and buy a better metal detector. Will probably split everything we find.

We decide on a Whites steel detector, spent about two hundred fifty dollars for the unit. Properly this has allot more bells and whistles than my one knober. The instructions are more detailed and tells you what to take note for and how deep the object may be and how to dig not having destroying the yard, cool. We start in his property since my wife was still not amused what I did to help ours.

OK here we go. About ten a few minutes into the search we get a signal, dig it up and low and behold it’s a quarter. Wow you thought there was just won the lottery. All right this was good all of our metal detector was doing what it was supposed to do, come across treasure. Three hours later we had found about sixty-five cents, and one 1943 wheat penny. Well that’s all of it took the wheat penny was like gold, away from each other of history, who lost it, how long has it been recently buried etc .

Now my neighbor remembers one of his / her friends used to be a paperboy back in the day. We go to his particular house and explain our new found hobby, metal finding. He thinks we’re nuts but agrees to let us hunt. You ready? Five minutes and a good indicate we dig up a standing liberty half. Well her buddy thought we had gone crazy the way we whooping it up. We continued to hunt until it got black, our metal detecting finds for that day included: often the standing liberty half, three mercury head dimes, all 5 Roosevelt dimes, four washing quarters, and eleven rice pennies. Not bad for beginners. Most of the finds were about three inches width deep.

We continue using this same metal detector for ages to come. Visiting relatives we haven’t see in several years not just to see them, but because they lived in some aged houses and wanted to hunt in their yards. We have pretty well with our metal detector finds; in fact one of the relations had lost a wedding ring years ago and guided all of us to the approximate location she thought she had misplaced it.

About a half hour later, yup you guessed it we found the ring. I don’t think neither of them one of us had seen so many tears of enjoyment, made us feel good and and got a great steak an evening meal for our endeavor. Metal Detecting had gotten into our blood vessels and we were on a great high.

Buy now we both continued to read books and magazines about metal discovering. We shared ideas and thoughts about new sites to hunt. At one point we both agreed most of us needed to purchase our own individual metal detectors. We had provided this one for a long time with good results. Finally we agreed to easily sell the one we had split the profit and and get new people. After some research we both decided on a Whites Metallic Detector hip mount (Keeps the arms from tiring) I can’t remember the model maybe 6000 Di, although we both spent a little over six hundred dollars for our sections. During our research we found that using but what are the features that you should be looking for in a good set of dj headphones? we could hear those faint signals of deeply ensconced treasure. Also we were now equipped with a big old Bowie knives to cut our plugs, instead of a gardening tool. Manufactured my wife happy since we had broken everyone she experienced. Oh we now had pouches to put our finds with, keeps the dirt out of the pants pockets.

These material detectors had all the bells and whistles, great depth ID along with the best target ID, 8″ search coil, and could simply pick desirable targets out of trashy areas and cope with harsh ground conditions much better. The learning curve on these kind of metal detectors was tough, but with trial and error we realized them out pretty quick. Now since we had a number of top of the line metal detectors we decided we would go back along with revisit the places we had already hunted. Well lower and behold it was like someone had replenished the bottom with coins. I could not be live we had missed that a lot of finds with our old metal detector. I guess new technology will it be is. From spring to late fall we hunted every minute we had available, I must say we hunted in each conceivably place we could find. Sometimes we would drive a long time to a site, this was after a little research to make sure we a chance of finding something.