How To Make A Car Cake

One of the most popular novelty birthday cake themes for boys (big and small) is a car cake. Whether they are older, avid car fanatics, or just enjoy pushing toy cars around on the floor, most males will enjoy a car themed cake at some stage of their life. Following are some tips on como fazer bolo de pote that they will love.

Will It Be 2D or 3D Car Cake?

There are many different ways to approach making this type of dessert with the first decision being whether it will be 2D or 3D. Essentially, it will depend on your level of skill and confidence on which way is best. If you are not too confident, a 2D cake will be the best way to go. You’ll get a great result and next time you will be ready to tackle something a little more complex.

THREE DIMENSIONAL cakes are for the more experienced, although with careful planning even the novice home cake maker can produce a spectacular 3D IMAGES cake.

2D Car Cake

For a 2D car wedding cake, you can simply buy or bake a cake slab and decorate it in a variety of ways. There are many different ways this could be done and some suggestions include:

Create a car track (liquorice strips are good for this) and place cars etc around the track. Crush up some plain chocolate biscuits to make ‘dirt’, and mix desiccated coconut with green colouring to make grass.

Select a particular car style or design and find a suitable image. Print the image out and draw an outline straight on to the top of the cake. Use coloured icing, lollies as well as candy to decorate the design.

Make it super easy and buy some toy cars as toppers for the cake. Line them up on a race track or spread them around. There are lots of other great cake toppers and toys that could be used in this way to create the desired theme.
3D Car Cake

While a 2D cake is a great place to start, building a 3D car pastry is a lot of fun and well worth the little more effort it takes to build. To build a 3D cake, it is necessary to start with a birthday cake slab and ‘carve’ and ‘mould’ the cake to a design.

It is important to plan the design of the final cake before attempting to cut it out. This is to ensure there is enough cake to finish the job and also helps to make the whole process less stressful.

Once the basic outline of the cake is built, it is necessary to ice and also decorate the cake. It is a good idea to ‘crumb coat’ the cake first, which means applying a plain icing all over to keep the crumbs in check. Then, either butter cream or fondant icing can be used as required.

It is possible to create the features for the cake in a variety of ways. First, simply use cake cut-offs to cut out extra features such as wheels, spoilers and antennae. Another option is to use biscuits (wheels), candy or even other decorations to add features to the cake. And finally, fondant can be coloured and cut as required to add the finishing touches.

It is a good idea when building a 3D car cake to also think about the cake board or stand. This can be decorated as well and an obvious addition for a vehicle is some road, racing track or dirt (depending on the cake). This is the finishing touch that will nicely finish off the presentation of the cake.

Choosing a car cake is a great idea for any male (and even some females! ). Depending on your level of skill and confidence, the first step is to decide if you will go with a 2D or 3D version. Either way, you will have a sure winner with the boys.