Cat Climbing Towers

Exploration from the American Cat Society shows that the more active your cat stays the longer he or she will live. There are various ways to keep your kitty interested in play. There are of course a range of toys that you can use to play with your cats. One of our absolute favorites is simply a flashlight or laser pointer. This usually drs cats crazy. Cat climbing towers are another way to maintain the cat active and lively.

A cat climbing tower is definitely structure that you can place inside your home that encourages your someone to do several things. First, a quality tower will entice your own kitty to climb. Climbing trees in nature is undoubtedly an instinct for kitties. Most cats in the wild work with trees both to sleep in and as a lookout while in search of prey. Another advantage of a having a cat climbing tower in your house is that it will help to save your furniture and carpets from kitty’s claws. Many of them are made from high quality materials such as sisal in addition to rope and will entice your cat to scratch about them instead of on your furniture.

There are several things to look for in terms of obtaining cat climbing towers. Number one is the size of the space you should offer. Make sure that you measure your ceiling before you start shopping for a podium. There’s noting worse than finding the perfect toy for your cat and then discovering that it won’t fit in your home. Secondly, consider getting a tower that has some toys installed on the item. This will encourage more play and activity from your felines. Finally, some towers also include a box that can work as “shelter” for your cat when he naps. Cats love to get to sleep in areas where they feel protected.

There are a variety of different types of cat climbing towers on the market these days. Some innovative layouts fit inside your closet. These are a great choice if you have a very modest apartment. Other towers are particularly elegant and modern. These are definitely tastefully designed to fit the decor of any condominium or house. Whatever kind of tower you do end up getting for the cat, the important thing is to remember that you are doing kitty a benefit by giving him a place to play and rest.