Are Anti Aging Machines Better Than Traditional Anti Aging Facials?

This report assesses whether or not this is a good thing.

High tech downaging equipment range from microdermabrasion equipment, IPL, higher frequency, light and LEDs to more complex lasers, all promising to give fast answers to many different facial skin issues. In many establishments, facial by system has resisted the conventional downaging facial routine with goods, serums and anti wrinkle creams.

So with this reliance on high tech equipment, is it doing us any good?

From the years I ran my own Spa I saw countless women and a fair few guys too. I used anti aging machines as well as organic products that aided with all the downaging of their facial skin. My observation was that, those men and women who had used a good skin care regimen and had healthful epidermis, responded better to the facials where gear was utilized.

Time and time again I found far more instant results on individuals when they’d taken care of the skin, also I used great wholesome products together with the machine remedies as well, which received even better outcomes.

For those not having a fantastic skincare regime or with poor skin, the outcomes of using professional facial machines were more gradual and much less striking. It would take more time to fix the skin, and once the skin has been restored to health, then you could see success. It would consequently be my advice to anyone looking at getting a face with some of those high tech equipment, to spend a month of using great, nutrient rich facial products first to build up the health of the skin. Otherwise, you could be wasting a lot of cash as high tech facials do not come cheap.