6 Rules of Positive Feedback

Any sort of employee loves to be praised and recognized for their operate and achievements. Who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves? Positive feedback is not only about that. Don’t forget about employee’s growth, improvement and effort. It should be appreciated and noticed as well your own goal as a manager is to develop your employees and make these folks feel proud and good about their job and their operation.

Positive feedback fits perfectly for these purposes. Positive reviews also helps raise employee’s self-esteem, confidence and desire to become successful.

How to give positive bewertungen kaufen

1 . Do not postpone

If you ever see your new sales person made the first sale, immediately compliment him/her!

2 . Do it publicly

You can do it in the entry of co-workers, customers, on the team (company) meetings. It is for you to decide as a manager what format you will choose – a proper company ceremony for big achievement “The best sales industry experts of the year” or complimenting words during team break break.

3. Be specific

Instead of saying, “Good job! in
Say, “Congratulations! You sales improved by 10% in may! Great job! We are very proud of you”

4. Do it normally

Create opportunities for praising people.
“Least customer complaints”,
“Most customer compliments”
“Meets all deadlines”
“Sales human being of the day (month)”
“Best team-player”
“Best coach (mentor)”

“I know how hard you been effective to make this sale”

“We all acknowledge how much time you took to learn this new computer program”
“The company distinguishes the quantity of time you tried to solve this problem”