It’s very common for new traders just beginning to market Cheap Wholesale Sunglasses to begin small. They don’t have a great deal of cash to enter stock, and they’re not quite certain what will actually promote in their region. Fair enough. However, at a certain stage, achievement in this company necessitates enlarging your inventory to include everything from classic aviators to black wayfarers and the most recent rimless sunglasses.

Olympic Eyewear puts a great deal of effort and time into creating our wholesale stock for the express purpose of giving traders as many options as you can. We know that not every trader will buy every item in our stock. However, we know that the most prosperous traders don’t restrict themselves to only a few goods. They enlarge their inventories sufficient to fulfill customer demand.

If You’re still focusing on a limited stock, then here are 3 reasons to consider expanding it earlier rather than later:


It is correct that the huge majority of consumers who buy sunglasses just for utilitarian functions are not always interested in heaps of different shapes to select from. However, these sorts of clients aren’t the only ones you’re attempting to market to. In addition you wish to target clients who see fashion sunglasses as an accessory to every outfit that they happen to be wearing at the moment. Therefore, shape becomes a significant consideration.

You know that particular shapes play nicely with specific faces. But were you aware that contours could either flatter or struggle with specific fashion trends? It is true. That is why actors have a tendency to possess numerous pairs of sunglasses. They need a set which perfectly complements every outfit in their wardrobes.

Cheap Wholesale Sunglasses


As significant as contours are, substances mean a great deal to buyers too. For example, believe our VG Rimless Rhinestone (RS1912) sunglasses. No doubt that the arms and lenses are plastic. Neither is your selling point for all these designer sunglasses. Instead, it’s the tiny rhinestones that capture the attention. They’re a thing which appeal to a specific type of buyer.

VG Rimless Rhinestone Sunglasses
There’ll always be those clients for whom substances don’t matter so long as their sunglasses are durable and nicely constructed. However there are many others who look for particular materials. There are still other people who are mesmerized by means of a substance like rhinestones without going ahead. You have to expand your stock to be able to account for these sorts of buyers.


If there’s 1 thing we have learned being at the wholesale sunglasses sector, it is this: cost nearly always trumps every other thought. It’s been our experience that clients usually go about purchasing new sunglasses with a particular amount of money they’re prepared to spend from the backs of the heads. Proceed above that figure and you have lost them.

We offer wholesale sunglasses in different price points. Why? Since we all know that your clients have their own cost points too. Your stock ought to be expansive enough to pay those points with sufficient options to keep clients contented.

You want exceptionally cheap sunglasses to maintain the budget-minded clients coming in. You need reasonably priced sunglasses for all those customers willing to devote a bit extra for quality. And needless to say, you will need the top-of-the-line versions for clients purchasing without financial limits.

Hopefully you know just a bit better the significance of supplying a grand inventory of designer sunglasses. The more options you offer your clients, in reason, the happier customers you are going to ever have.