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As positioning a webpage in Google well.
As positioning a webpage in Google well.


Advice to position a webpage in Google well

The positioning Web SEO consists of applying a series from techniques to a website with the aim of which it is positioned as well as possible in a finder. At the moment almost all the positioning is directed to Google, that occupies almost all the market share in nuetro country.

The SEO in a Web by means of two two forms can be worked, both of the same importance. On the one hand, internally, optimizing the source code of the webpage. And on the other hand taking to end some directed actions to obtain links from other social webpages and networks. We will focus now in 1º.

· We recommended to you that you read the use rules that Google puts at the disposal of webmasters to understand better the steps to follow so that its web search engine indexes your webpage as rapidly as possible. If he turns out to you very complicated to do it you yourself, we recommended to you that you contract to the services of a professional of the positioning Web and marketing Web. They will be in charge to activate your Web and that begins to position itself every time better in Google.

· THAT YOUR WEB IS RESPONSIVE! Google every time values better more and to the Webs responsive against which they are not it. The design responsive allows that the contents Web automatically adapt and optimize following the screen and device from which visualizes, especially directed to smartphones and tablets.

· You must obtain that the contents of your Web are loaded as rapidly as possible. The Webs with lower percentage of load are positioned before in Google. At the most light the Web, better. It flees exaggeratedly from great photos, optimizes them for the Web. And if you must include videos, better than youtube or similar goes contracted in iframes of.

· That your Web fulfills the mentioned norms of google previously. Also you must consider some aspects in the design and model-making of your Web, because the pages of the different sections have rich and exclusive contents, that the speed of load of the page is the possible minor, for which the contents must be correctly optimized, that urls, domains and names of the pages that compose the website are friendly, understandable and that contains good key words, and that the content well is structured following last standards HTML.

· It is very important that the Web owns a hierarchic architecture, including links towards the different pages from sections of the site. In addition he is not recommendable to exceed with external liaisons and that those that exists are towards excellent pages of your sector.

· It tries to make an effort to you and to create quality contents, that are pleasant for the user. Although you copy or you pay attention to other pages, it is more than recommendable than you modify it and you try to improve it and to grant an extra value to him of your harvest. If you choose by a simple one copy-sticks your Web will lose value and you will affect duplicity of contents.

· It is very important that actualizes the contents of your Web with assiduity, or by means of sections of the News, New features, Events, Opinions, etc€¦ Google values much that aspect. You must try to generate referring articles and texts to your sector, that include key words.

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