The Airstream/KOA Camping Experience For Sale

The Setup: How I Ended up in an Airstream”Hotel”

My plans to airstream for sale Keys holiday began when a curious set of conditions coalesced. I travel a lot to examine bicycles, and at one stage I found myself a few thousand miles full of following year’s regular flier status. How to proceed? Planning a holiday seemed like the normal remedy.

Deciding against solo traveling, my friend Allen and I put down a couple of rules for our”mancation.” #1: The destination ought to be someplace we have never been before; # 1 2: Only guide flights, no stopovers; #3: Carry-on bag only, no pesky checked luggage; and #4, most crucially: Would Ernest Hemingway accept? Oh, not to mention the round trip needed to be approximately 2,500 miles to get my regular flier qualification.

After analyzing a planet map and pitching out unreasonably distant alternatives (Japan, Brazil) in addition to a couple tempting but too-familiar destinations (New Orleans, Hawaii), one different possibility emerged: the Florida Keys. Although no nonstop flights are available from Los Angeles, the Keys known as using their glowing, laid back atmosphere, fantastic seafood, live audio, not to mention intrinsic link to Mr. Hemingway, that predicted Key West his house through one of their most prolific creative phases of his life.

After booking our flights to Ft. Lauderdale and choosing four-wheeled ground transport (because Allen can not appear to think of a fantastic enough reason to ride), the only lost puzzle piece was somewhere to stay. I had a vague recollection of a networking contact telling me about lodging that included one of these classic, aluminum-skinned Airstream trailers docked in a campground. A telephone call confirmed my mind: Kampgrounds of America (KOA) awakened with Airstream to offer you an, ahem, more civilized means to enjoy their camping experience; linked with power, Wi-Fi, a flat screen TV, and running warm water, the Airstream provides all of the creature comforts of home.

But located on KOA’s Sugarloaf/Key West campground, you also receive a waterfront place with the center’s advantages, such as campfires and fundamental watersport gear rentals. Done deal!

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Immersion: Getting to the Florida Keys

After we touched down into Ft. Lauderdale, the almost 200 mile drive down the Overseas Highway–aka, US-1–gradually immersed us to the Keys lifestyle: since the miles pile on, the landscape changes from real interstates to verdant and swampy waterfront, and from the time you reach Sugarloaf/Key West — the Southernmost KOA campground from the U.S. — you can not help but slip to the laidback”Conch” lifestyle. Our very first food stop found us in the mythical Alabama Jack’s, where we stumbled upon a shocking selection of classic automobiles supplied by the roadsideas fortune would have it, our trip happened to coincide with the Ocean Reef Club Vintage Weekend.

We ogled stunning parts of automotive background, then feasted on the very first of a run of indulgent meals between conch fritters, fish, and needless to say, key lime sauce.

The Setup: How to Enjoy a Classic Airstream, Without Towing a 6,000 Pound Trailer

A few of hours after setting out of the airport, we hauled into the Sugarloaf/Key West KOA in which a favorable worker showed us to our distinct trailers (Allen and I are near, but not that near )

Most individuals are knowledgeable about this bullet-shaped Airstream trailer, an iconic American layout introduced in 1936 as a Art Deco method to travel. Our specific Airstreams have been Flying Cloud 25FB versions that sleep up to four individuals across a queen bed and 2 twin beds.

Step in the Airstream’s cottage, and you also enter a very long and relatively narrow area whose layout is distinguished with its curved walls completed at riveted, polished aluminum. Our components needed pleasant and persuasive faux hardwood (linoleum) floors, which leads to your dinette and fold-out sofa region beyond the kitchen and toilet. On another curved end of this trailer, a bedroom comes with a queen bed flanked by a wardrobe with drawers and a little nightstand. The kitchen features a five-cubic-foot refrigerator, microwave, stove and sink, while the toilet combines a nautical-style septic tub that has a little hand sink think of it as a boat-style powder area than the centre you have got in your home.

The Experience: Life in an Aluminum Tube

The Airstream’s inside is efficient and tranquil — not as a ship’s cabin, as a result of its light color scheme, smart storage pockets, and banked windows and skylights that let in copious quantities of pure light. In reality, sun can heat up the Airstream quite rapidly and change it into a stifling greenhouse to a warm afternoon, but roof vents and air conditioning pull the temperature down rather easily, as a result of the area’s restricted cubic square footage. Although the interior is cozy, space dividers fold away from doors like accordions and provide some privacy.

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I didn’t plan on spending too long within the Airstream — notably with historical Key West just 14 miles off — but I did slide into a little job catch-up. Productivity was eased by KOA’s Wi-Fi provider, which is readily available for a minimal daily fee. Sprawled out on the couch, the Airstream’s interior functioned as a comfy office-away-from-home, using the built in electrical stereo system with iPod input that provides a relaxing method to earn the space my very own. Although I never changed it on, I could have also put up my feet and observed the flat screen TV.

The toilet space is tight–as is the shower, which required me to flex my five feet, eleven inch framework a bit sideways to be able to receive maximum water protection… but hey, it made me clean!

Bonfires are offered in the tent camping area adjacent to the Airstreams, which we took good advantage of on our final night–our buy of DuraFlame logs sadly prevented us by roasting marshmallows.

The Bottom Line: A Stylish, Back-to-Basics Alternative into the Hotel Experience

KOA’s partnership with Airstream provides a unique alternative to the resort experience, as a result of the trailer’s compact design, fine construction, and small creature comforts. And, it is fair at $157/night off year and $180/night during peak season, December through March.

On the lookout for space and turndown services? You may want to find more traditional lodging. But if you are searching for a meeting and do not mind immersing in campground civilization, the KOA/Airstream encounter is a novel way to experience the Florida Keys.