What’s Astrology Regarded as Occult?

The Occult Means Hidden from view; Concealed

I recall when I first began name love calculator which were distinct in my traditional spiritual teachings. I was constantly attracted to the cryptic and astrology was something I read in the Bible. Many verses contradicted myself and that I became perplexed.

I understood that Jesus stated”There would be signs in the sun, moon, and stars,” but other verses were rather negative and judgmental regarding astrology.

As soon as I started reading books about the key teachings of Jesus and learning how the symbols from astrology I recall feeling like I had been doing something wrong. There was a little voice within my mind that strove to convince me studying these items was somehow bad or sinister.

I understood for the first time that the strong influence my lifting and upbringing had on me personally. Even after all of the”unexplained experiences” I had because I was a young child, I had reservations about acquiring knowledge that was exceptional and also considered taboo. I often wondered why I felt such a way. I recall reading from the Bible regarding the term”occult” and frequently had a fascination with things which were concealed from receptive communication. I frequently asked myself”What am I afraid of?” I understood that I was fearful of the unknown.

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Astrology was not really occult.

It was really practiced publicly in biblical times and proof shows that it had been a tool used by the early cultures beginning in Babylonia. It wasn’t established as an occult science since it wasn’t concealed or secret by itself. The Christian Churchactually transformed astrology into a thing which has been considered taboo, mysterious and unnatural.

Statistics like Nostradamus practiced astrology behind the scenes since if they practiced it publicly they are persecuted. It was a contentious time in history with the Church struggling to keep control of those people. Anything which supported free thought was considered blasphemy. Astrologers needed to start practicing behind the scenes, even Christian ones. The Catholic Church really has the biggest astrological library on the planet and in the ancient church astrology was really approved by many. Astrologers don’t worship the stars and the planets.

Many astrologers I understand, particularly Christian astrologers think that the power of these planets affects life in the world. They believe God made the heaven, the sun, moon, and stars as it says in several verses from the Bible.

The Moon

They don’t think astrology is that their God and a number believe only the energy affects us on earth. We are aware that that the Moon impacts the tides of the sea and water resources. The human body consists of over 80% water and God made our flesh ideal for his strategy.

We are aware that the Moon does influence people’s emotions. When I worked together with runaway adolescents in a youth service program years back, each time there was a T that the teenagers ran away more often.

There’s even research on the market that more individuals report on the emergency room throughout, more cars break down on the side of the street and much more violence, generally speaking, is reported by law enforcement employees.

God made the solar system according to his celestial plan. Before, individuals were persecuted for suggesting that the earth was round. They have been murdered for their faith. These historic facts are what resulted in astrology being practiced secretly, behind closed doors by several spiritual figures such as Pope’s, Rabbis and Nuns.

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The Mysterious and Dreams

The term”occult” really means,”beyond the realm of human comprehension, hidden from view, concealed, available only to the initiate, and secret.” I certainly understood that my personal religious experiences were beyond my understanding and that’s what led me to study and research different books to help confirm my experiences.

As a Christian, I needed to step out of my security zone and then tread rocky land that has been kept secret . I recall when I had a vivid dream of a friend of mine. The following night, the whole dream occurred in waking reality as I had pictured it in my fantasy.

My buddy called me and was crying. He explained that he had to come over even though it was late at night. I recall sitting on the porch in my parent’s home in anticipation of the birth. After he got out of their vehicle, he walked towards me as he did in the dream.

He needed a white t-shirt glasses and on. What stuck out the most were his glasses, I hadn’t ever seen him wear glasses before. We sat on the curb because he informed me what he did in my fantasy,”My parents are getting divorced.” I held him as he cried with despair and I kissed him.

I recall telling him”I dreamed this.” I do not even know how to explain the feeling . If I needed to say this experience in 1 word, it’d be symbolic. When I requested my preacher concerning my fantasy, ” he explained”It is just your imagination.” I won’t ever forget that. It was a true, authentic, and life changing encounter to me. I couldn’t know itwas past my understanding, but it had been invaluable for my belief system and I had been forever changed.

I understood that astrology was a symbolic speech and I was determined to understand it. I read novels about logos and faith. I recall studying the tarot cards and also the way astrological symbols were concealed within every card. I believe I had been the fascinated when I heard about the sign of the Pentagram.

As a Christian, I was always taught the Pentagram was the emblem for Satanism and the Devil. I discovered an essential bit of confidential information when I dug a bit deeper into my own studies. I discovered that the Pentagram was really a sign of protection employed by Christians to ward off bad spirits.

They’d draw the star in their doors and homes to keep away bad. The Pentagram was used by Medieval Christians to symbolize the five wounds of Jesus. It wasn’t till many strong people at the time desired to restrain these anxieties so that they made this emblem taboo and related it with the occult. When you have a look in society it is possible to see the sign of the celebrity manifested in a lot of ways. Policemen and Sheriff’s wear the celebrity and what exactly do they do? They protect us from risk.

At the Tree of Life, by the Jewish Kabala that the star or pentagram signifies doing the greater will trying to achieve higher degrees of consciousness once the stage is facing upwards. Frequently we find the stage facing downwards which signifies performing the reduce creature acting and will on our private needs. We’ve got the Star of David in Judaism, that has six things and is focal for this faith’s belief system. In Christian art, Saint Bruno is famous to put on the star on his breast and three thirds wore the star in their brow, Saint Dominic, Saint Humbert and Saint Peter of Alcantara.

The astrological symbols are located throughout the Bible and therefore are deemed concealed and mysterious because there’s far to be left to interpretation. As soon as I discovered that there are numerous books which were written which aren’t from the Bible, I wondered what additional info was kept confidential and hidden from Christians? The Nicene Creed comprising a set of twelve guys decided which books are contained in the Holy Bible. You will find many books which were left outside, probably hidden away in a key library in the Vatican. Then I discovered that the Catholic Bible has different books in the Bible than the Protestant Bible I grew up reading. Inside the Christian denominations that the”occult” is flourishing today. Occult only implies, kept hidden and mysterious.