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Hosting. Web Hosting and Registry of domains.

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  • You need a trustworthy servant to lodge your Web? Oreillysirish offers a service to you of lodging highly professional Web.
  • Without falls, updated permanently with the last versions as much of operating systems as of the tools that we used in our developments Web, as PHP.
  • We work with national suppliers, offering hosting of quality in servers who are in Spain, which is essential for a better positioning of the webpages in our country.
  • Our lodgings Web include security easily and Control Panel CPANEL to manage the different services (FTP, Mail, etc€¦, as well as one completes application of traffic statistics Web).
  • In addition if contracts hosting with our supplier, we offer a Certificate to you SSL by only 25 ‚¬.
  • Also we put at the disposal of our clients hosting advanced and servers dedicated for lodging of virtual stores Prestashop, Magento€¦
  • Also we offer to our clients Plans of Mail that can be fit to their needs, following the amount of mail accounts which they wish, and that they can grant 2 Gb by each account. One is very useful plans for clients who handle a considerable volume of mail and in whose cases the virtual mail that offer hosting Web they has left short.
  • Our maintenance service Web includes the management of the lodging and contracted domains (renovations, mail, etc€¦).