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Google updates its algorithm search Penguin.
Google updates its algorithm search Penguin.


Google returns to update its algorithm search

Google has returned to change Penguin, its algorithm search, with the purpose of continuing fighting against the Webs that try to position themselves by means of little ethical linkbuilding. Penguin 4,0 already works from the past month of September, with important changes mainly as for the positioning of stores online.

Google always tries to much more value the quality that the amount of the contents Web. Thus, its algorithm from the home has fought against which they wish to position his Webs thanks to fraudulent techniques as the proliferation of connections of low quality, famous linkbuilding, the Spam and the Black Hat SEO. Google completely prohibits these methods that do not have another objective that to position a website without valuing an optimal navigation and some contained of quality as rapidly as possible.

And Penguin 4,0 comes to fortify that fight. Mainly in the scope of the stores online. Its main characteristic is that no longer it will be necessary to hope to that Google sent its new versions to evaluate changes realised in the webpages, but now will be updated in real time, immediately at the moment that the finder rakes and indexes again indexed the website.

Another point to consider is that now the algorithm will not index the websites to the complete one, but will filter contents and concrete pages. The finder will have more in account the signals of connections and content Spam in the webpages, and will penalize those that abuse connections of bad quality with the purpose of to position themselves before. Of this form it will be valued more than the proprietors and developers of the Webs create webpages with attractive designs and contents of quality that guarantee one better experience of user, avoiding the use of all class of techniques SEO. Despite that it will be very difficult, because the majority of the proprietors of Webs of new creation needs to see quick results and that their pages are positioned in the first results of Google in a matter of weeks.

Google is going to punish all those Webs that use hidden connections of bad quality or in different pages, connections in friendly Webs and transaction of connections, as well as to which they abuse the social contents in blogs, forums and networks, realising commentaries of repeated way and without control. The best thing is to include connections logical and natural and to worry to improve the strategies of linkbuilding, always prioritizing the quality before the amount. It is necessary to try that all the external liaisons towards our Web come from pages whose thematic is similar or has some relation with ours, if we will not be exposed to that they are valued as harmful on the part of Google.

And what happens if I have a store online?

It is necessary to start off of the premise of which if you have not resorted to those fraudulent techniques that we have commented previously and your contents are of quality, you will not have to worry to you about anything. On the contrary, you will even be able to see you benefitted with the implantation of Penguin 4.0. But on the contrary your website includes some of those techniques, Google, thanks to the new update in real time, will penalize it right away as soon as it detects it. Even so, if you undergo some penalty you will have the opportunity to resolve it of fast form updating your website and eliminating the bad practices.

On the other hand, the new algorithm is going away to fix more to the different pages that compose the website, not in this one from generic form, that is as Penguin did until now. Thanks to it we will be able to more easily position the pages in which more we are interested and to park those that does not interest to us.

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