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Successes and failures of marketing online.
Successes and failures of marketing online.


Successes and failures of marketing online

As a universal law does not exist that it establishes what fails mainly and what works in marketing Web, through this article they are to some conclusions obtained in 2ª Meeting of agencies that organizes Classroom cm annually, where the most interesting subjects struggled and where the participants showed to their impressions on the basis of their experience, successes and failures in marketing strategies online.

· The best plan is the customized one. Instead of center us in the famous ones and direct Adwords, announcements of payment of Facebook, Analytics, etc€¦ we must think about the end user that the Web goes destined. What wishes to read the internaut? It is necessary to strive in being different themselves from the rest and catching of special form our followers, in looking for what those people can need. In addition the client must very clearly know the objectives of his company.

· He gives just as one is strategies online or offline, must execute itself integrally. We must concentrate in the enterprise objectives, users and needs that they are persecuted, without mattering absolutely that one is plans online or offline.

· He is essential to educate the client and to guide to him. Often the clients own a financial profile very defined and as soon as they consider the Internet world, sometimes until they have panic to him. For that reason it is necessary to obtain that the client understands and accepts the option online, that trusts that our work is success guarantee.

· Another fundamental aspect to consider is that we must be creative and innovating in our campaigns of marketing online. Otherwise, they will not work.

· It is important to know how to find good contents and knowledge to spread them. If the contents are little useful, hardly a considerable traffic will be generated in its website. And the same will happen if the contents, even being optimal, do not spread correctly. The ideal, then, is that both aspects are the best ones. What better it works is to move and to arrive at the user, interesting you in his restlessness and needs. Whichever better it is gotten to them to know easier will be to catch to them.

· Before prevailing usually they come blows and deceptions and is important to know how to analyze them and to confront them. Those failures are not absolutely bad, since if from the home goes everything always as silk is easy to relax, and then it is when the skinny cows will appear n. To respond correctly before those failures will be basic stops the future in securing good results.

· The excessive use of technicalities is not recommendable. It is necessary at any moment to favor the communication with the user avoiding as far as possible a terminology and data that are not necessary and using a clearer and near language.

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